Several factors are used in determining what qualifies a high-risk driver. Although there isn’t only one specific definition of a high-risk driver, infractions and felonies on your driving record can lead to serious penalties by car insurance companies. According to dmv.org, a high-risk driver is someone who is more likely to file an insurance claim as a result of accidents, DUI’s, or age. Finding a specialized New Jersey High Risk Auto Insurance policy is ideal in gaining the appropriate coverage and protection on the road. Because of the increased exposure in covering these customers, there are some challenges high-risk drivers face.

  1. Finding Coverage- Depending on your driving record, an auto insurance company may refuse to insure you. That seems illegal, right? However, even though minimal coverage car insurance is required in nearly all states, auto insurance companies reserve the right to deny coverage if they believe the driver to be too high-risk. This is why shopping around and doing your research for the finest policy is in your best interest.
  2. Increased Premium- Premiums vary significantly and depend largely on the driver, the driving record, and the type of car insured. However, if you are considered a high-risk driver, premiums start at a higher rate than low-risk drivers. If this is you, don’t get discouraged! Specialty car insurance carriers offer protection to high-risk drivers and are flexible with their pricing. What’s more, over the course of time and with an improved driving record, the insurance premium should decrease in price.
  3. SR-22 Insurance-This certificate of financial responsibility is required after a serious violation such as a DUI. It serves as proof that your car insurance meets your state’s minimum requirements. This is likely to result in increased premium costs from your insurance provider.

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