Chances are you have a bit of money invested in your boat so when it comes to the end of the season and putting your boat away, you want to make sure that you take precautions to protect it from harsh winter weather. While you want to make sure you have the best NJ Boating Insurance available to keep you covered in the event something happens, here are some tips on how to keep your boat safeguarded this winter.

  • Drain the Water

The first step is to make sure to drain all water that may be left in bilges, live wells and any other areas of the boat. The changing temperatures cause expansion and contraction as the water freezes that can cause damage. Run the live well pump for a short time after draining to ensure that all water has been dislodged. Leave drains unplugged to allow any water that may get in due to rain or snow to drain.

  • Clean it up

The next step is to make sure to clean your entire boat inside and out. Any water or debris can cause rusting and deterioration. This is a good time to check for any damage that your boat may have sustained during the season as well. Make sure to put a fresh coat of wax on the topside as well as underneath to help your boat repel any rain or snow that may occur.

  • Engine Care

Be sure to fog your engine to help protect it from moisture and corrosion that can build up. Allow the fogging agent to make its way through your engine while it is running in order to coat all internal surfaces. Help to prevent any dirt that may be in the oil of the engine from causing damage by changing the oil and the oil filter.

  • Fuel Tanks

Top off the fuel tank in order to avoid any condensation build up while in storage. Add a fuel stabilizer and allow the engine to run for a short time to coat all components of the fuel system. Portable fuel tanks should be drained and remain empty during winter storage.

  • Cover and Store

Ideally, you will be able to store your boat in an enclosed, climate controlled facility. This is not always the case so for outdoor storage, be sure to check that your boat cover is in good condition. Run a rope down the center of your boat from trailer hitch over the motor to help keep the center of the cover higher than the rest and prevent buildup of snow and water. Check your boat periodically, especially after a storm to ensure that the cover is still keeping your boat safe.

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