As the construction industries continue to grow with projects of all sizes, the adoption of cloud and mobile technologies are on the rise. You want a process that is efficient and guarantees success on projects. In addition to protecting your projects with a New Jersey Builder’s Risk Insurance policy, ensure your projects run smoothly by incorporating Cloud Technology into your process. 

While the use of mobile devices is common, using them for improved work collaboration has it’s own benefits. According to an article in Aconex, the implementation of cloud tech not only increases productivity but provides easy mobility of records or blueprints that are essential to your projects. 

In a survey directed at architects, engineers, and contractors, respondents agreed that the cloud-based project provides benefits of mobility, reduced reliance on paper and reduction of unanticipated problems.  However, the adoption of this technology is still hard to accept by few. Most businesses want to stick the old, outdated technological tools to reduce their bottom line. But, a cloud-based workflow, however, not only helps improve productivity but can help reduce total project costs.

If you’re still afraid of making the switch, take ConocoPhillips in Canada as an example. Mark Banham, project manager of ConocoPhillips transformed a construction project by implementing cloud-based, mobile-enabled collaboration. Slowly, but surely, the teams objections disappeared and there was a decree in total project cost of 23%.

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