Decorating for the holidays is something that most families look forward to. Picking out a tree and spending the day decorating it with ornaments and lights can be a family tradition. However, it’s important to be aware of the increasing number of injuries from consumers decorating their homes with lights and other items. Make sure you stay protected with New Jersey Home Insurance.

According to an article in Consumer Reports, there are great ways to decorate your home for the holidays safely.

  1. Buying a Christmas tree is a great start to your holiday home decorating. Make sure to check for freshness by seeing if the tree is green and if the needles don’t break when bent. The tree should not lose needles when tapped and the bottom should be sticky with resin.
  1. Place your tree away from any heat sources like fireplaces, vents, and radiators. This will not only dry out your tree but increase the risk of flammability.
  1. When buying an artificial tree, check for a ‘fire resistant’ label.
  1. Keep your trimmings small and avoid sharp or breakable decorations near children.
  1. If you’re burning candles, keep watch of them. Make sure to blow all candles out before bed, when you’re leaving the room or the house. Also, make sure to keep your candles on stable and heat-resistant surfaces. Keep them out of children and pets reach.
  1. Check all your lights for damage. Broken sockets or loose connections can cause fires on your trees.
  1. Use lights that have been tested by nationally-recognized laboratories. Decorative indoor and outdoor lights have specific requirements to meet. UL is a good laboratory to get your lights from.
  1. Check your extension cords before use to appropriately distinguish between indoor and outdoor extension cords.

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