In today’s society, we are surrounded by programs and advertisements telling us what we should do to be healthier. We are told that we need to eat or drink a certain product or to exercise a certain way in order to look and feel better about ourselves. While those are excellent reasons to adopt a healthier lifestyle, one thing that doesn’t get mentioned is that healthier habits can allow for better rates on life insurance in New Jersey.

Pastimes that include risky activities such as sky diving, scuba diving, and racing cars or motorcycles will have an effect on your insurance premiums, and when you stop doing these risky activities, your rates can change. Generally after a year or two of not partaking in the specific risky activity, your insurance company will consider the changes to your policy.

There are some personal habits that you can work on as well that can help you to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy more affordable premiums:

Eat Better- having a more balanced and nutritious diet can help to lower your risks of developing diabetes and heart disease. Eating better can also reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar levels putting you at a lower risk for heart attack and stroke.

Get Moving- getting exercise will not only help to increase you quality of life, but you will find that you tend to have more energy and are happier due to the release of endorphins when you work out. You can even make it a family affair and teach your little ones how to maintain a healthier lifestyle by example.

Lose Weight- weight is a factor when calculating insurance premiums because being overweight can put you at higher risks of strokes, diabetes, and heart attacks. Shedding a few pounds will not only help to lower rates but will give you more energy and help you to feel better about yourself.

Manage Blood Pressure- While you cannot control all of your health issues, keeping any issue that you may have under control can help to lower your overall risk factors and decrease your insurance premiums.

Don’t Smoke-smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease which in turn increases life insurance rates. Quitting smoking will not only drastically improve your lifestyle, but will also save you a lot of money.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. It takes plenty of effort, but there are many great rewards once you adopt some healthier habits.

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