When police officers began to use the Breathalyzer test, it significantly contributed to road safety.  Just as the Breathalyzer Test helped reduce alcohol-related accidents and helped save lives, a new test could be hitting the streets. As we discuss this new innovation, remember to protect your vehicle with a New Jersey Auto Insurance policy.

According to an article in Digital Trends, the Textalyzer allows law enforcement to ask drivers for their phones, to find out whether or not those phones were used while operating a vehicle. Just like the Breathalyzer test, any driver who refuses to hand their phones over can get their license suspended. 

While this an incredible invention is cracking down texting while driving, it also has fostered some serious privacy concerns. Having access to our phones can cause for personal data to be revealed. The Textalyzer will extract content from your phones such as call logs and when the phone was in use. With this comes the idea that a warrant is needed for this type of search. Although this technology has not been approved for use in the U.S. yet, it will bring some serious consequences if you find yourself caught texting and driving.

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