With today’s society being so quick to go to the Internet for everything from social media to shopping for things from shoes to apartments, online scams are a serious concern. As a landlord you not only want to make sure you are protected from scammers with the best Oaklyn Specialty Lines of Insurance, you need to be aware of how to avoid them.

  • No-Nonsense- Most scammers prey on landlords that they feel are trusting victims that they can easily manipulate. One way to avoid this is to show you are a no-nonsense landlord by attaching a list of requirements for rental to the application. This list may include things like credit reports, criminal background, proof of income and employment, references of previous landlords and proof of no evictions. Showing you are a serious landlord may be all it take to deter scam artists.
  • Application- When the application is returned to you, make sure it is filled out in its entirety and has all required documentation including a copy of a drivers license and check stubs. Consider asking the tenant to take and attach a picture of themselves to the application. You may present it as putting a face to the name while running applications but a scammer will not want their picture on file and will likely pull out of the process.
  • Screening- Make sure that you run proper screening of the applicant and ask the applicant for a screening. A true applicant will have no issues with paying the costs for you to conduct a background or credit check. During the screening process be sure to check legitimacy of the applicants employment. Consider searching for the company the applicant has listed online to ensure phone numbers and addresses are accurate. Call previous landlords to inquire about payment reliability and reasons for the tenant leaving along with any other issues.

Taking time to diligently check the credibility and legitimacy of an applicant can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

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