Having a classic car that you can ride around in or enter in car shows on the weekends can be fun and exciting. However, owning a collectible car is also an investment that takes a lot of thought. While you want to make sure you have the best Oaklyn Collectible Car Insurance to protect such a valuable investment, here are some tips to keep in mind before purchasing your collectible car.

Rust Kills

One of the easiest ways to avoid having problems with your collectible car is to look for rust. While you can replace rusted panels, it takes away from the vintage feel and sucks up a lot of time and money. Minor spots are one thing, but if there are major rust issues, steer clear.


Look to see that the numbers on the engine, transmission, and rear axel link up to the VIN number of the car. The engine should have the last six of the VIN stamped on it, and the transmission and rear axel should have date stamps that can be looked up to see if they are accurate. While it is not a problem if the numbers don’t match, there is greater value in a vehicle that has matching numbers.


While it may seem obvious that less miles equates to higher value, mileage really only acts as a guide to the price. Lower mileage tends to show that the car has not been driven to death. However, a car that is in fantastic condition with a bit higher mileage shows that despite the mileage, it was well taken care of as an investment.


Do your homework before you set out to purchase a collectible car. Know what the vehicle is worth before agreeing to pay outlandish prices. You should also figure out how rare the car is. If the manufacturer pumped out only a few of that model, it is worth more than if they pumped out hundreds of them.

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