Any investor will tell you that buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make. While you want to ensure you have the best NJ Homeowners Insurance Program available to cover you if something happens to your home, here are some tips to help make sure that you are putting your hard earned money into a proper home investment.

When looking to buy a home, you must consider not only the home’s current appeal, but also the potential for appreciation or deprecation during ownership. Your dream home’s future worth can be determined using a number of factors.


Many buyers, especially first-time homeowners, are tempted by lower prices in less affluent areas. If the area is new or ‘up and coming,’ this may be a good investment as it is probably less expensive to purchase. However, it is important to weigh your options. For example, depending on your interests and needs, it may be better to purchase a smaller home in areas where property values are established and almost guaranteed to appreciate in value in the coming years.

Property Maintenance

When purchasing a home with the hope of property value appreciation, you must be willing to invest extra time and money into updating and maintaining your home. Consider updating the kitchen and bathrooms with new fixtures. These areas are high selling points if you plan to sell in the future. On the flip side, as a buyer, make sure to have a property inspection done and identify any signs of poor maintenance before you purchase a ‘fixer-upper.’ However, if the inspector recommends more repairs and renovations than you wish to take on, it may be worth considering a different home.

Buy at the Right Time

Believe it or not, the housing market has seasons. Winter is generally the best time to buy a house because most winter sellers are in a hurry to sell. This is due to the fact that many of the homes have been on the market for a while and have now started to reduce the price. Therefore, sellers are more willing to negotiate.

Miscellaneous Factors

According to Smart Asset, some unexpected things that could raise the value of your home are new schools in the neighborhood, job growth in your area, more household formation (aka demand for homes), an influx of investors, new residents and gentrification.

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