Home invasions happen when an intruder either breaks the security of your home or when you ‘allow’ them to enter under false pretenses. While you want to make sure you have the best Oaklyn NJ Homeowners Insurance available, here are some helpful tips to protect your family during a home invasion.

  • Checklist- Create a mental checklist of things that need to be done before you leave the house. This can include things like, checking that the back door and windows are closed and locked, setting the alarm system and locking the front door.
  • Chains and Bars- While chains and bars provide a little bit of protection you should not rely on them too much. An angry teen can easily kick a door hard enough to break one.
  • Alarms- Alarms are a great thing to have, if you remember to turn them on. Don’t get lax and think that you can skip that step of your checklist.
  • Don’t let Them in- Many invaders are let in by homeowners under the guise of being a repairman, or someone needing help. If you are not expecting workers to show up at your door, don’t let them in before confirming who they are with their company. If someone is asking for assistance, offer to call help for them but do not let them into your home to use the phone. This also means don’t let people in on how your security system works. The more people who know, the less secure you are.
  • “Fire” Drill- Just like you would have a plan of escape set up in the event of a fire, consider having a plan of escape set up in the event of a home invasion. Practice your “fire” drill and make sure that all family members know where to meet once out of the house.
  • Safe Room- On the opposite end of an escape plan, have a safe room within your home that the family can go to. This is helpful in the event of multiple intruders patrolling the perimeter of your home. Make sure that your safe room is secure with a solid core door that is attached to the frame with at least three hinges. Consider equipping the door with a deadbolt and a one-way peephole that allows you to see if the intruder is still in the hallway.

Most importantly, in the event of a home invasion, be sure to call the authorities as soon as possible.

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