Property legal issues are to be expected if you are a landlord.  Dealing with tenants that occupy your properties illegally can incur many legal hassles. Trying to deal with an unwanted tenant? Heed the following advice and ensure your investment is protected with a Landlord Dwelling Insurance policy.

According to an article in SF Gate, getting former tenants or squatters off rental properties can require the aid of courts. Although evicting a tenant is simple, it could take some time. If you’re trying to evict former tenants, try to obtain a formal court-ordered eviction. As a landlord, it’s required that provide a proper notice (30-60 days) of eviction before filing an unlawful detainer lawsuit with the the Superior Court. This process is known to take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Squatters are always looking for vacant rental properties for free housing. Unfortunately, some rental property squatters will present false leases and documents to avoid confrontation with the law. These cases usually take longer and require several court hearings.

In some cases, landlords will pay someone to move out. This will help remedy a situation where the former tenants could make any property claims against the property owner. Although this is a more effective solution against rental property squatters, it’s better to wait patiently while the courts come up with a solution.

Lastly, it is illegal for property owners to attempt to turn off utilities, physical remove a squatter, or change the locks. Ensure that you familiarize what measures are within your locus of control without violating the law.

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