It’s understood that what you eat and how you take care of your health can affect the way you feel and how long you live. However, did you know that your diet can affect your life insurance policy? The best rates are for those who take care of themselves and partake in a healthy diet. Make sure you stay protected with New Jersey Life Insurance policy.

According to an article in Protective, there are seven things that you should not eat because it will negatively affect your life insurance policy when taking your life insurance medical exam.

  1. It’s best to avoid drinking any alcohol for at least a day or two before the medical exam. Although a glass of wine won’t hurt, too much alcohol can throw off your blood sugar levels and liver enzymes.
  2. Avoid caffeine on the day of your exam. Caffeine is a stimulant and includes energy drinks. Too much of this can cause your blood pressure to rise and increase your heart rate.
  3. If you’re consuming too many salty foods, this can cause dehydration, which results in increased weight. Avoid salty foods for at least 24 hours beforehand.
  4. Most supplements will spike your test results in a bad way. Make sure that you’re writing down the name and dosage of the supplements you take so that when it does show up in the test, your insurance company knows what it is.
  5. Certain vitamins that are extra potent or high in mineral content can produce negative results. Be sure to record your dosages as well as the correct supplemental information.
  6. Consumed poppy seeds show up as an opiate in your blood stream. It only takes a small amount to create this reaction. Don’t consume anything poppy seed related before your exam.
  7. Prescriptions, cold medicines, and other over-the-counter drugs can cause irregularities in the test. It is important to let your examiner know what you’re taking and why prior to the exam.

This list is certainly not all of the things you should avoid, just be conscious before taking your medical exam. At Connell Insurance Agency, we understand that this market is a competitive one and finding low rates for your life insurance can be difficult. However, we strive to provide everyone more than one policy quote to fit your budget. We take care of all the work when it comes to reviewing existing plans and customizing a new coverage quote. For more information on our New Jersey Property Insurance policies, call us today at 888.590.0715.