Entrusting a contractor to make the vision of your new space it in to a reality is both exciting and daunting. As a homeowner, you’re left to trust that those you’ve hired will deliver the quality work you are paying for. Though renovations can significantly increase the value of your home, it can also cost you time and money if not done well. In the event that errors should arise, below are a few helpful tips for mitigating difficult discussions with contractors. More importantly, however, is ensuring your home is properly protected with the right New Jersey Homeowners Insurance policy.

Clarify the Issue

Write a formal letter to the contractor about your concerns. Be sure to notify them that legal action will be taken should they fail to meet your requirements. If the discussion is done in person, acknowledge that you might not know everything about the issue. However, do not hesitate to state what you do know. Put the facts on paper prior to the discussion. Make sure you’re clear about project expectations as it’ll identify where the project went wrong. Using your contract as a point of reference will help clarify the issue and help keep the discussion from derailing in to something it ought not to be.

Don’t Hesitate to Take Action Steps

You’ve tried to reach out to the contractor, yet you’ve heard no response? What should you do next? Kiplinger recommends to find out where a contractor is licensed and to submit a complaint to their office. Many agencies will mediate a dispute. In fact, some state agencies have funds to ensure homeowners are taken cared for.  If a contractor is not under an umbrella licensing board, you might need to settle the case in court. If the contractor limit is under $15,000, you may need resolve the dispute in a small claims court.

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